About Us

As a leading provider of security services we take pride in hiring professional quality of guards. FDS, conducts on desirable candidates, employment background verifications, substance abuse screenings and criminal background checks on a local/national level. FDS, take pride in offering the best and most competitive prices in the Security Industry. We are dedicated to earn our customers business each and every day. Our management team has 25 years of combined experience in security related services, management and training. First Division Security, is committed to providing the best possible service to all our clients. Our security officers go through stringent training to provide you with uncompromised service.

We constantly monitor your location with different technological tools and operational procedures  like our Patrol Accountability System (Deggy), hourly text messages from our officers to road supervisors reporting the status of their tour of duty, and unannounced visits to your site by our road supervisors. All sites will be given a set of Operational Post Orders which are prepare by the client in conjunction with First Division Security. On site training of Post Orders will be given prior to starting the contract.

First Division Security will provide clients with the following upon request :  

      ·  Security Officer Daily Report            

      ·   Incident Reports

      ·   Daily-Hourly Activity Log 

      ·   Monthly Reports and Evaluations 

      ·   First Division security Management  team

We guarantee our services and continuously strive to exceed our costumers expectations.